Moon.Art To Launch The First Phase of The NFT Marketplace

Moon.Art To Launch The First Phase of The NFT Marketplace

Moon.Art, the world’s first fully regulated, eco-friendly and community driven NFT-Marketplace, is set to launch the first phase of its marketplace – the issuance of limited keycards with lifetime utilities. The highly anticipated NFT marketplace will be launched and fully ready to be indulged by enthusiasts, investors and traders alike at the end of the year as shown in the roadmap.

According to NFT stats, about $41 billion worth of crypto was spent on the NFT marketplaces in 2021. Over the years, the value of Non-Fungible Tokens have continued to skyrocket, thus sparking a wave of interest in these uniquely identifiable digital assets. However, existing marketplaces have presented quite a number of issues such as deep technical knowledge requirements, payments in volatile cryptocurrencies, no regulated environment, high network fees, no user-friendly multi-chain solution, bad carbon footprint and more.

Moon.Art proposes a new digital marketplace that’s welcoming for every user. Moon.Art intends to build the world’s first NFT marketplace that is community-driven, eco-friendly and complies with the highest regulatory standards.

The regulated NFT marketplace is offering 10,000 limited Keycards with upcoming utilities. To finance the technical development, marketing and legal compliance process for the Moon.Art marketplace, the team is on track to create an NFT-Keycard which guarantees special lifetime benefits to all holders. A maximum of 10,000 Keycards will be available for minting on the Ethereum Blockchain as an ERC721A token.

The Keycard is an investment in the future and ensures special lifetime benefits including 50% discount on trading fees on the Moon.Art marketplace, reduction of trading fees by 5% until it reaches zero for each additional Keycard in a user’s wallet, allocation of 50% of the income from trading fees on the platform to all Keycard holders, and also pre-access to the beta version of the Moon.Art marketplace.

The Moon.Art NFT space is not just a common NFT marketplace, it is the perfect infrastructure of the next generation of NFT trading for everyone – simple, compliant and eco-friendly.

The NFT marketplace will be the first fully regulated NFT marketplace inside the EEA. Every user will be required to do a complete KYC procedure in advance so as to prevent money laundering and illicit activities on the platform. Moon.Art will balance carbon dioxide emissions of the platform with carbon offsets, thus saving energy.

Likewise, the platform users do not have to be computer geeks to buy NFTs. They can easily make NFT purchases by paying in cryptocurrencies and FIAT currencies. Users can purchase NFTs on Moon.Art not only with Ethereum but also with different tokens and FIAT currencies.

On a similar note, the purchase of NFTs on Moon.Art will be possible through the Ethereum blockchain as well as via other blockchain networks like Cardano, Polygon or Binance Smart Chain. The NFT marketplace will be able to map all common blockchains.

Users can trade NFTs on Moon.Art by paying the fixed price offers or by rejecting and bidding on price lists. Purchases and sales are all made by users who either connect their crypto wallet to the platform or have created an account with an associated wallet on the platform – custodian service.

Moreover, Moon.Art does not charge a fee to list or mint an NFT. The NFT is not transferred to the blockchain until the initial purchase or transfer has been made.



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