NFT for Arabian Horses to Gallop Soon at the Al Sheikh Stud in Partnership With Finvault – Press release Bitcoin News

NFT for Arabian Horses to Gallop Soon at the Al Sheikh Stud in Partnership With Finvault – Press release Bitcoin News

PRESS RELEASE. UAE – DUBAI, 14 April 2022: Renowned to be a haven of thoroughbred Arabian horses, the Al Sheikh Stud embarks on a strategic journey to accommodate the growing demand for NFTs in the industry. In alliance with Atria Holdings and Finvault; the Stud farm is revving up its finest line-up of purebred Arabian Horses for the new digitized valuation.

Joining hands to create a marketplace for NFTs for Arabian horses; Finvault, a Web3 banking platform, and Atria Holdings, investors in innovative solutions; are ushering in a digital era for these high-valued horses. The strategic alliance will work closely to develop high-value NFTs for purebred Arabian horses belonging to the Al Sheikh Stud. Arabian horses, with their distinctive head shape and tall carriage are the most elite breed in the world. Apart from breeders, race enthusiasts, and discerning clientele; they reserve a special interest in the minds of artists and prestigious admirers. The NFTs are being developed to complement such unique investment opportunities in the world of Arabian horses.

Speaking about the new venture at Al Sheikh Stud, Mohamad Al Sheikh the founder of Al Sheikh Stud said; ”While the beauty of purebred Arabian horses is admired worldwide, the digital currency revolution demands an investment option of another kind. We are piloting the NFT for Arabian Horses in the region and hope that our esteemed clientele is as excited as us about this new undertaking. Apart from developing and securing the NFTs, we will also be collaborating with leading regional events to reach our valued customers.”

Poised to be the first of its kind, the NFTs are being developed to enable investors to trade in real purebred Arabian horses via digital currencies. To cater to the rise in demand for virtual investment opportunities, the NFTs will also be valued on a digital scope to be relayed further in advanced usages like simulated racing, breeding, and gaming. Finvault holds the right to reserve and limit the use of the NFTs depending on valuation and requirements.

Sharing details about the partnership, Finvault CEO, Punit Thakker said, “Finvault is delighted to be the creator in this venture with Atria Holdings as a technology partner. To create and build this NFT marketplace for Mohammad Al Sheikh’s legendary thoroughbred Arabian horses is a unique opportunity and one we are very excited about. With Dubai recently adopting its first crypto law and forming a regulatory body for virtual assets, the region is accelerating its trajectory to become the leading global virtual hub. At Finvault, we are on a mission to promote the mass adoption of blockchain around the world. We are thrilled to be part of such a high-profile project that will aid in this. The Arabian horse NFTs are just the beginning and we look forward to a long and successful partnership.”

The NFTs are likely to be launched by End of August and will be available for digital currency buyers across the globe.

About Al Sheikh Stud

Home of the legendary thoroughbred Arabian horses, the Al Sheikh stud is located in the heart of Belgium with an office in Dubai, UAE. Owned and established by Mohammed Al Sheikh in 2016, it has earned a favorable reputation for breeding and raising the elite Arabian thoroughbred. Its highly experienced and professional staff combined with world-class facilities makes for an ideal environment for breeding, foaling, weaning as well as training the horses for world championships. Some of its star performers like Equator, Serenza, and Al Gamra have held the stud’s flag flying high in the international arena of the Arabian Horse World Championship. Also it’s worth mentioning that Al Sheikh Stud’s Junior COLT, D-Mezyan won Gold at the World Arabian Horse Championship 2021. The 40th edition of the international championship which was held at the Salon de Cheval in the French capital, Paris.

About Atria Holdings

A UK-based investor firm, Atria Holdings is parent to several startups and businesses like Al Sheikh Real Estate, Al Sheikh Stud. The entity was legally formed by Mohammed Al Sheikh Suliman in 2020 to manage all businesses under one umbrella. With investments and stakes in innovative businesses across the globe, the brand is on a mission to empower innovation and walk that extra mile for ideas that inspire social impact.

About Finvault:

Finvault is a Web3 banking platform that gives individuals and businesses full control of their money and digital assets, all in one secure vault. They are bridging the gap between Traditional Finance and Decentralised Finance (DeFi) to create ‘Banking 3.0’ and draw a line between conventional banking and DeFi.

Point of contact and media enquiries:

Rebecca Reid

Head of Marketing at Finvault

Point of contact and media enquiries:

Lina Husri

PR for Atria Holdings


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