Minting of ․VR, ․Metaverse, ․Chain NFT Domains Now Live on Quik․com – Sponsored Bitcoin News

Minting of ․VR, ․Metaverse, ․Chain NFT Domains Now Live on Quik․com – Sponsored Bitcoin News

It is official! Minting of NFT domains is now live on the Quik marketplace!

Minting of ․VR, ․Metaverse, ․Chain NFT Domains Now Live on Quik․comAfter months of planning and research, has finally announced that the minting of NFT domains is now available! Now, users can mint .VR, .Metaverse, .Chain, .Doge, .Shib and .Bored NFT domains of their choice with no lifetime renewal fee! Each of the minted NFT domain names comes with a unique NFT artwork. Also, Quik plans to launch other NFT Domain TLDs such such as .BTC, .Web3 and .Address shortly.

Quik is an NFT crypto domain name marketplace that allows you to mint and trade blockchain domains to create your own digital identities and be a part of the decentralized web, the internet of tomorrow.

Why NFT Domains?

In the case of traditional domains, a domain registrar only rents a domain name – usually about one to 10 years. You will need to pay a regular renewal fee to keep the domain name; otherwise, it will be made available to the open market again.

On the other hand, blockchain or NFT domain names are purchased, not leased. The entire transaction is verified in the public ledger, and it remains in the owner’s possession. And since the entire system is tamper-proof, users can keep track of different transactions throughout time.

The decentralized nature of NFT domains also protects them from any centralized entities, including registrars and ICANN, once the name is sold. Only you, the owner, have the authority to make any changes, which makes NFT domains censor-proof.

Currently, users can buy, sell and mint these NFT domain names on the Marketplace. Each of the NFT domain TLD has a minting limit. For e.g., The .METAVERSE NFT Domain Names are TLDs based on Ethereum Blockchain which have a hard cap of 20,000 names, which means that only 20,000 domain names can exist, which are decided on first minting basis. Also, each of the domain name minters gets a lifetime royalty on all future sales of that particular NFT domain. For eg, .METAVERSE domain name minters get 5% royalty on all future sales of that particular name.

Besides the artwork that comes with the NFT Domain Name, these domains will also have special future benefits, which shall come into existence when launches its browser extensions and the Quik web browser. In the future, Quik plans to let users host decentralized websites on these domain names using the Quik browser extension and also let users use their NFT domain names as their cryptocurrency wallet addresses in accordance to partnerships with different cryptocurrency wallets.

What’s Minting?

It is the process of registering an NFT domain name onto the blockchain through your crypto wallet to get full custody of the NFT domain. As the rightful owner of the particular blockchain, no one except you has control over it, including Quik and any other entity.

How to Mint Your NFT Domains on Quik?

Minting of NFT domains with extensions, including, .VR, .Doge, .Chain, .Shib, Bored and .Metaverse is now live on the Quik marketplace.

You can apply any phrases you choose to these extensions. The entire process is quick and simple with Quik; you only need to click “Mint” over the domain in question. The entire process takes less than a minute!

In addition, you can also search the platform for already minted NFT domains offered by peers.

Minting your domain with MetaMask on

  • Sign in to your Quik account using Metamask or Mobile Wallet
  • Search for the domain name you wish to mint
  • If the domain name is available for minting, just click on Mint Now or otherwise choose from other available options.
  • Approve the minting transaction on your wallet.
  • After the transaction is approved, the domain name shall appear in your Profile section.

Ready to mint your favorite NFT domain?

Why Quik?

Minting of ․VR, ․Metaverse, ․Chain NFT Domains Now Live on Quik․comQuik aims to disrupt the trillion-dollar blockchain domain market by making the entire process accessible and easier with its innovative and dedicated blockchain payments mechanism.

Quik believes that NFT domains address one of the key challenges Web 3.0 players are looking to solve: offering direct ownership to end-users without any third parties.

Quik promises to break down deterrents to Web 3.0 innovations by providing a new way of selling, minting, and acquiring NFT domains. Become a part of the journey today!

Want to learn more about blockchain domains? Visit or read the Quik WhitePaper for more information.

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