Trace Network Is Giving Everyone A Digital Twin With BUDDY Launch

Trace Network Is Giving Everyone A Digital Twin With BUDDY Launch

Trace Network has announced the launch of BUDDY, the first product from the project that enables the creation of real-looking avatars. The product is now live on Trace Network Labs and you can mint BUDDY on The decentralized protocol set out to do something that has never been done before and that is to provide users with a digital twin of themselves. These human-looking avatars are basically virtual replications of the users themselves, bearing a complete likeness to their physical attributes and other characters.

Speaking on the occasion of the launch, Lokesh Rao, Co-founder & CEO, said “The launch of Buddy marks a major achievement in our Metaverse journey and the beginning of another. Metaverses across the virtual world are looking for residents that aid and add value to the ecosystem. With Buddy, we intend to onboard a billion users in the next 5 years as this will be key to enable creators building digital life experiences for the meta-population.”

The product was first launched in its beta version at the WOW Summit Metaverse Festival and Crypto Expo 2022 in Dubai. The product received a fabulous response with over 600 Buddy avatars created and minted within 5 days by visitors to these events.

BUDDY – A “Real” experience

BUDDY provides a unique experience for metaverse users compared to what is available now. Current metaverse Avatars are cartoon-looking and do not portray any characteristics of their physical counterparts. However, BUDDY will allow people to create their real human-like looking digital self, complete with the ability to animate freely and do various things.

BUDDY avatars can walk, run, and shake hands with other avatars, among other things. They can visit wherever they like, see new sceneries, visit monuments, new cities, locales, etc. Not only can these avatars visit these places, but they can also document them by taking selfies. This way, a user will have a picture of themself in a place they may not be able to physically go to, along with memories that will last a lifetime.

The avatars are the virtual versions of users living in the metaverse as they would in the physical world. Take a role-playing game like Dungeons & Dragons as an example. To play these games, players would need to pick an avatar. It is through the avatar that they are able to move around the game universe. BUDDY avatars are similar to this but also very different.

While the avatars allow users to participate in the metaverse, they are not limited to a single activity like playing a game. It is the user carrying out a normal life in the metaverse using a digital identity. It’s like having a digital twin. People will be using a BUDDY avatar in the metaverse where it is not possible to be physically present, like watching movies and games with friends, going out shopping in the metaverse and selecting the right outfit for your body & getting it delivered in real-world and these kinds of convenient + experience will slowly take over our current ecommerce which only allows only convenience in a notional way.

BUDDY Avatars Are Not Bound to Blockchain Networks

A lot of the avatars in various metaverses now remain metaverse, blockchain, or game-bound. This means that outside of the universes in which they were created, these avatars are pretty much useless since they cannot participate in other metaverses. BUDDY avatars do not have this problem as they are not blockchain-bound.

Anyone with a BUDDY avatar can move from one metaverse to the other. They’re all portable, which means a user can travel across multiple metaverses, blockchains, games, and even virtual experiences that are built on various platforms. Simply put, a BUDDY avatar is metaverse agnostic.

Having real-looking avatars can positively impact the lives of a user. Think of someone who has lost a loved one. They can preserve the memories of their loved ones in a real-looking avatar which the user can then interact with inside the metaverse, providing a therapeutic experience for the user.

Another situation can be with people with disabilities. Disabled people can be sometimes very limited in what they can do in the physical world. In the metaverse, there are no limitations. Users can walk, run, dance, swim, jump, and more. This emotional connection between a user and their BUDDY presents a unique experience that isn’t found anywhere else currently.

About Trace Network Labs

Trace Network is a decentralized protocol enabling real-looking digital twins and lifestyles for them in multiple metaverses on different chains. Trace is enabling the next era of Luxury Lifestyle For Metaverses powered by NFTs & Digital Fashion. In nutshell, Trace Network Labs is paving the path for an immersive experience in the metaverse for real-world activities like work, play and socializing with family friends and colleagues.

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