The Nightly Mint: Daily NFT Recap

The Nightly Mint: Daily NFT Recap

It was a slow news day for all things NFT, but many of the concurrent stories that have dominated headlines throughout the week thus far have continued on their journeys, as we spectate the progression of MoonBirds, as well as the NBA’s struggling ‘The Association’ project, and more.

Thank goodness it’s Thursday, headed into Friday, with another Nightly Mint.

The Nightly Mint

Latest Mint: MoonBird Criticism

MoonBirds were criticized from the jump about their high mint price, and that isn’t slowing down one bit. There’s increased criticism over the last day regarding MoonBirds being gifted to celebrities and influencers. Nonetheless, price action around the project still remains strong, as the floor is now surged strongly above 30ETH, and volume within the project is still far above any other NFT collection currently. The floor over the past 24 hours (at time of publishing) has risen by over 35%, according to Nansen’s NFT data.

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The UFC's partnership with Dapper Labs runs on the Flow blockchain; UFC fighter Nate Diaz had some choice words surrounding the league's latest NFT release. | Source: FLOW-USD on

Sports & NFT Update: UFC’s Nate Diaz & NBAxNFT’s Latest

UFC fighter Nate Diaz has been making the rounds over the past day after tweets from Wednesday gained traction regarding the fighter’s disdain for the UFC’s latest NFT release via Dapper Labs. Diaz accuses the league of taking advantage of a situation for personal gain in releasing NFTs on 4/20 (widely considered a ‘cannabis holiday’) after suspending his brother from the league for several years for cannabis use.

Meanwhile, the NBA continues to take a toll with it’s NBAxNFT project, dubbed ‘The Association.’ After major flaws were exposed in the project’s contract, the team released an update early on Thursday that resulted in an expansion of minting from the initial 18,000 to 30,000. If you’re familiar with NFTs, you can guess how the community reacted to that news.

The ‘Minty Fresh’ Take

Can Yuga Labs Otherside overpower the momentum of MoonBirds?

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