Storage blockchain Crust Network to launch External Adapter on Chainlink » CryptoNinjas

Storage blockchain Crust Network to launch External Adapter on Chainlink » CryptoNinjas

Crust Network, a decentralized storage protocol based on IPFS that delivers file storage and hosting, today announced that it is launching an External Adapter on the Chainlink Network, the foremost decentralized oracle solution.

Through Chainlink, smart contract developers are easily able to access IPFS-based decentralized data storage for their applications and seamlessly pull that data from IPFS.

By extending the storage capacity for apps beyond the limited block space available on-chain, developers can build more advanced DeFi, NFT, and social platforms.

Chainlink + Crust Network

Crust Network supports a wide range of use-cases including serverless dApp deployments, accelerated content delivery, and general off-chain data storage for NFTs, user data, and documents.

For example, storing an NFT collections’ market cap, price floor, and specific valuations of each NFT enables developers to build advanced dApps that support NFT-based synthetic assets, lending and borrowing collateralized with NFTs, and buy now, pay later NFTs.

The Crust Network is currently supported by 4,200+ nodes around the world that provide a total of 1500+ PB storage capacity. Since the launch of the Crust mainnet in September 2021, the network has filled over one million storage orders.

Crust Network makes it easy for smart contract developers to securely store data off-chain on IPFS and retrieve it through an IPFS gateway via Chainlink.

“The industry-leading Chainlink Network is the best way to connect with multiple chains across the web3 ecosystem. By making our decentralized storage network easily accessible to developers through the Chainlink Network, we can help unlock advanced use-cases that require a large amount of data.”
– Leo Wang, Co-Founder of Crust Network

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