Snoop Dogg, Clay Nation & Cardano Come Together On The Blockchain

Snoop Dogg, Clay Nation & Cardano Come Together On The Blockchain

Legendary rapper and new owner of Death Row Records Snoop Dogg launched an NFT collaboration with an exclusive metaverse project on the Cardano blockchain early this week in hopes to start his first formal metaverse play with a bang.

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Snoop Dogg has had his fair share of engagement in crypto and has been very vocal on how he feels about the potential around the metaverse and how it can impact the world; Snoop has now set his eyes on a new vision with a familiar face that can take the game by storm. Clay Nation is a recent NFT player that has announced a partnership with blockchain network Cardano, and now they meet up with Snoop Dogg to provide a ‘Baked Nation NFT.’

Within Snoop’s NFT drop with Clay Nation is an exclusive music project that aims to give fans some new music and more excitement on what’s to come from the Dogg and Death Row records. The powerhouse label has set a bar for NFT music drops from a major label; a couple months prior, Snoop Dogg decided to rip all of his earlier work with the label from all major streaming platforms, and made them available only as NFTs.

The deal with Snoop Dogg and crypto investor Champ Medici featured collectibles, unreleased music and plots of Clay Nation land.  The music icon and mogul had a conversation on a Twitter Space chat room about his excitement and what to expect.

In recent tweets Snoop talked about how he feels about the partnership: “Me and you come together, put together some sort of visual piece on ‘how to’ from your perspective and my perspective, you know – you come from your angle on how you got involved and I come from my angle and then we’re taking care of the whole world,” Snoop Dogg  said.


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Transport Us To Baked Nation

Clay Nation and Snoop have figured out how to navigate and make noise in the metaverse and are showing no signs of letting up. In a recent  statement, Clay Nation said,

“We allocated 19.5k lands for holders on a 1:1 basis (sonic and underworld) + 1,500 baked – majority of baked was public mint to welcome new people from beyond Cardano to Clay Nation which in turn benefits holders as we grow.”

The current NFT market has been sluggish for several weeks now. The once “wild” market is showing some signs of slowing down as sales on leading NFT marketplaces took a serious hit; Snoop, Clay Nation, and Cardano hope to shift things in the harsh market and hope not slow down but speed back up. The drop completely sold out once it was out to the public, so this could be a helpful start.

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