Developments, Updates and More – Press release Bitcoin News

Developments, Updates and More – Press release Bitcoin News

PRESS RELEASE. Celebrity-fan interaction in the metaverse is at its nascent stage. However, a few recent past events are tell-tale signs of a tectonic shift happening on the fan-engagement front. It’s moving from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 with metaverse as its building block.

The Paris Hilton virtual world inside Roblox has seen significant footfalls, even considering the hefty price people need to spend to enter that world. A mega-fan had apparently paid $450,000 to buy a virtual land beside Snoop Dogg’s digital mansion on Sandbox.

Metaverse offers fans the chance to be in the same neighborhood as their favorite celebrity or public figure in a fully immersive setting, a thing not possible in the real world. That is why role-model adoration has a strong possibility of taking place in the metaverse.

Leading this movement from the front line are projects like Megaverse that are poised to bring the world’s most active communities around sports, entertainment, and more to a VR space where they are not only admirers but equal shareholders.

Mega Token Fuels the Megaverse DAO Ecosystem, Public Sale to Soon Begin

Mega Token is the platform and governance token of the Megaverse ecosystem—a universe made up of communities that are represented by plots of virtual lands. A plot of land can represent Christiano Ronaldo fans; another plot of land can be dedicated to the BTS army and so on. It does not end there. The ecosystem will empower the communities by offering them a chance to be official shareholders of the lands and administrators of the platform.

What’s more, Megaverse will hold its own NFT marketplace and will create its own financial system, complete with a decentralized exchange that includes swap, farm, pool, staking, and a launchpad for new crypto, gaming, and metaverse projects. All these elements are tied together by the Mega token, which will be live on Copper Launch soon.

According to the Megaverse team,

“The Mega Token Public Sale will be spread among three separate events known as Series A, B, and C.All three sales will take place on Copper Launch. By conducting three separate public sale events, Megaverse plans to raise funds consistently during the development and progress of the project. This method will split the Mega Token allocation into three equal rounds of 7.5% of the total supply. The floor price for the Series A public sale on Copper Launch will be set at $0.025.”

Source: Mega Token Public Sale

Megaverse’ Sponsorship with La Liga 2022: A Stepping Stone Toward its Future Goals

As part of its public announcement, Megaverse entered into a five-week sponsorship deal with La Liga 2022, with its banners appearing for the first time on the match between Elche and Barcelona on March 6. Another Megaverse appearance in La Liga was on April 2 during the match between Celta Vigo and Real Madrid.

Upcoming Roadmap and Developments

After the public Mega token sale, Megaverse plans to release its Land-based NFT marketplace and create the owner dashboard of these NFTs. Running parallel will be the Megaverse Map launch inspired by the crypto heat map, representing 20 top cryptocurrencies, including a Bitcoin Map, by market capitalization. This is how Megaverse plans to involve the crypto community, who, according to the Megaverse team, “has made our blockchain and crypto-infused lives a reality.”

Next up are the Gameplay and interaction system launch and the PC Gameplay launch, which will include:

  • Soft Launch of gameplay within bitcoin map
  • Interaction System Integration
  • Launch of other maps
  • Release of Complete product on PC
  • Enhancement in Interaction System
  • Releases of Use Cases
  • Multiplayer Level Interaction System Integration

Finally, we have the VR launch, which will include:

  • Closed Beta Launch of VR interactivity
  • Release of VR interaction within Gameplay
  • Educational Material Implementation
  • Enhancement in Use Cases

Keep an eye out for the Mega token public sale happening on the Copper sale. Find more information at:


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