DeFi liquidity mining platform collects $26M in ‘Community Fair Launch’ » CryptoNinjas

DeFi liquidity mining platform collects $26M in ‘Community Fair Launch’ » CryptoNinjas, a crypto yield farming platform, announced today it has collected $26 million in its so-called ‘Community Fair Launch.’ The raise is the best performing in history on BNB Chain without a launchpad.

The project collected four times more than the previous record holder on the Binance BNB Chain, making them the 10th biggest BNB holder. Now, after 18 months of developing, the platform is going live.

With the conclusion of five audits including with Hacken, has put great importance on security. The team also formed a partnership with the Swiss Crypto Valley Association back in September 2021.

“In this process, our focus lies on utility, user experience, and security. People will be able to use our platform to earn stable yields with the greatest user experience possible”
Andres Soltermann, Co-Founder of

The aggregator platform first launches on BNB Chain and will soon expand to other chains.

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