Collectors and Enthusiasts Can Now Turn Their Image and Likeness into Eye-popping NFTs with Onliners Metaverse

Collectors and Enthusiasts Can Now Turn Their Image and Likeness into Eye-popping NFTs with Onliners Metaverse

These days it seems that everybody and their mother is either launching an NFT project or aping into one. Many well-known artists are getting wealthy off of their collections and sewer traders. NFT art is a very community-driven, and creative pursuit.

With so many different collections taking off, wouldn’t it be cool if you could have your image and likeness represented in the most exciting revolution since the beginnings of the Internet?

Onliners Metaverse allows you to do just that with the platform designed to allow you to turn yourself into an NFT.

Why Onliners Metaverse Is a Total Game-Changer for Collectors and Enthusiasts Wishing to Be Immortalized in Digital Art Form

For decades if not centuries, the prevailing view of life as a creator is that of a starving artist. One who only creates art for the sake of self-expression and storytelling. Some of the world’s most renowned artists only make money off of their work posthumously. That is to say, their artwork only goes up in value once they pass away. Pablo Picasso was famously broke for nearly his whole career as a living artist.

Thanks to the Web 3.0 revolution, however, NFTs are doing away with the idea of being a starving artist. Just to put it in perspective, over 250,000 people trade NFTs on OpenSea, the industry’s leading marketplace. That’s not counting other competing marketplaces like LooksRare or Immutable X.

Perhaps 250,000 active users don’t seem like a lot when considering that traditional marketplaces like eBay see millions of users each month. The truth is however the popularity of NFTs is exploding. Just in the third quarter of last year alone, the NFT market reached an overall value of close to $11 billion.

Onliners Metaverse’s Unique Features Are Going to Make the Project One-Of-A-Kind

Onliners Metaverse’s goal is to take the personalization of your image and likeness to a whole new level.

The initial release features different attributes you can attach to your NFT with customization options. You’ll be able to go through a wide variety of digital characters that will help you come up with your own avatar.

The collection itself will include no fewer than 8,000 pieces available for minting.

Traits inherent in digital assets, artists, gamers, students, businesses, music, events, developers and all other walks of life will be included in the collection.

The Five Stages of the Onliners Metaverse Roadmap

If you have any experience operating the NFT world, you probably understand the importance of community and how it drives the success of a project. That’s why Onliners Metaverse’s roadmap considers building the community the first stage. Here are all five stages:

  • The Onliners Community
  • Onliners Treasure Vault
  • Onliners Season 2
  • Onliners Charity

Let’s go over the remaining four stages.

Onliners Treasure Vault

The treasure vault holds onto 15% of the royalties collected through different plans offered to provide the community with even more support. The vault will allow the project to initiate giveaways that get more people involved as the price increases in the NFTs might make users feel like they can’t be a part of the community. Onliners doesn’t want that.

Onliners Merchandise

Offering merchandise to the community is a popular way to expand the brand presence of an NFT project. Bored Ape Yacht Club does it and so do many others. In this case, the community gets to be a part of extending Onliners’ branding. They get to vote on the merchandise that gets manufactured and sold to enthusiasts.

Onliners Season 2

The second season of Onliners features animations and varying traits made in the likeness of users. First dibs go to long-time community members or those who hold bigger bags of tokens.

Onliners Charity Initiatives

Many NFT projects promise to support worthy causes. Onliners wants to give back to those in need through well-known NGOs, providing computers and learning tools to those underserved individuals. The goal is to donate a minim of $50,000 as the project continues to achieve its milestones.

Onliners Charity

As the project progresses, they want to give back to those in need. The Onliners Team will donate $50,000 to known NGOs to allow those in less fortunate countries to purchase necessities like learning tools and computers.


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