Bitcoin ATM company GENERAL BYTES rolls out newest machine with BATMTwoUltra

Bitcoin ATM company GENERAL BYTES rolls out newest machine with BATMTwoUltra

GENERAL BYTES, a bitcoin and crypto ATM manufacturer, has announced this week the launch of its newest model, the BATMTwoUltra. This latest machine is loaded with the newest features while offering operators the same qualities they are familiar with from the BATMTwo series.


The BATMTwoUltra comes with the additional option to configure the ATM for bidirectional (cash to crypto, crypto to cash) operations.

Another advantage is that it is no longer required to manually assemble the unit upon delivery because the head and the stand are no longer separate units, saving the operator, valuable time when deploying machines to new locations.

Also, the new BATMTwoUltra offers an optional extended recycler system called BNR that will be able to dispense up to 15 bills simultaneously. Furthermore, support for S&G or Kaba Mas auditable locks is standard, a necessity for operators relying on 3rd-party armored vehicles for cash collection.

There is also a choice to select 600, 1,200, and 1,400 acceptor/recycler capacities so that the BATMTwoUltra can serve the busiest of locations. Bidirectional support is available when opting for a configuration with a recycler, opting for the BNR extended recycler offers both high speed and security.

The recycler module enables dispensing banknotes inserted into the BATMTwoUltra by other customers and can recycle up to 180 banknotes. Adding a recycler to a configuration increases the initial price of the BATMTwoUltra, but it reduces operator visits to the ATM by up to 50%, saving on expenses in the long run.

The GENERAL BYTES team presenting its newest BATMTwoUltra at the Bitcoin 2022 conference

“We’ve collected client and end-user feedback for years and incorporated it into our latest model, the BATMTwoUltra. A workhorse designed to be a perfect fit for any location that offers optional bidirectional operations using the latest in recycler technology. Many Bitcoin 2022 conference attendees already had the opportunity to test it live, and they gave us some raving reviews, but now it’s your turn to discover this brand new Bitcoin ATM!”
– GENERAL BYTES CEO, Vojtech Fryal

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